What is America coming to.

Im sitting here asking myself what wrong with Americans today. I may not be the brightest light bulb in the pack of four, but what I want to know is how is it that the organization that I’m affiliated (T.O.P.S) with that fight for equality , shelter and help with clothing and feed the homeless and do prison ministry, mentor and monitor the youth to keep them out of trouble without any government funding solely trying to make it off donation’s which is not much and you have to pull teeth for people to give sometime’s. The founder (Pastor Kenneth Sharpton-Glasgow) of this organization who is constantly being called a racist and name being slandered because of his view’s of what right and wrong and trying to help everyone, but we have a man ( Zimmerman) Trayvon Martin’s killer who took this young unarmed man’s life and which it took national media attention to get this man in jail finally get’s donation’s totaling some 87,000.00. What’s wrong with this picture. What get’s me is that we work doing god’s ministry with great reward from him, seven days a week most of the time 24hrs a day. Because of GOD’S GRACE have been doing this for 11 yrs now but people have a problem donating to do god’s work. I guess If i kill someone it’s okay but to help someone in need is wrong. I feel sorry for all the people that donated to this man. I’m not racists or anything but right is right and wrong is wrong. I guess what I’m trying to say is people need to wake up and smell the coffee GOD sit’s high and looks down low. What you people are doing is sending out a message that you can kill someone and get more help in America then help a person in need and get nothing for it. I hope all of you that made that donation to him repent and ask god for forgiveness BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE WRONG. God bless you and have a nice life.

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