In 2019 T.O.P.S. established new leadership through Kenyetta Rich-Glasgow and Rodreshia Russaw as new Co-Executive Directors. As women of color,  they bring the new leadership vision to life by ensuring the mission of

the organization is met through daily operations of expanding T.O.P.S. organizing, advocacy, and criminal justice reform efforts throughout the South. Kenyetta Rich, Co- Executive Director has been involved with TOPS since 2001 at the age of 15 she began to reach out to at-risk youth in the community directly impacted by mass incarceration. As a child directly impacted as well, she decided at a young age to fight for justice and inequality for those living in poor communities. She developed a passion for feeding the homeless as the homeless population continues to grow throughout Dothan, Alabama. As a LGBTQ women of color, the advocacy efforts of Rich have expanded to women’s rights and the LGBTQ movement.


Rodreshia Russaw, Co-Executive Director of TOPS, has always had a passion for community organizing. At the age of 17 she relocated to New York, as an employee at Central Baptist Church funded through World Vision, she was instrumental in developing the first domestic program for World Vision across all five boroughs of NY. It wasn’t until she moved to Alabama and seen all the disparities in black and brown communities that she decided to engage in the work of criminal justice and policy reform. She first began as a volunteer, being advocated for by TOPS in a criminal case involving her loved one, she decided to help restore lives.  As an advocate for women’s rights and children with mental illness and disabilities, Russaw continues to push the work of TOPS every day.

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