T.O.P.S. Restoration Transitional Housing Program

T.O.P.S. Restoration Transitional Housing Program provides a safe place to live for men and women who have recently been released from jail or prison.  Reintegrating back into society can be challenging. T.O.P.S. transitional program also helps individuals who struggle with prior drug use and homelessness, providing them with safe shelter as they seek to rebuild their lives.  Our programs are staffed with individuals who have completed the program themselves and understand the challenges those we support face. We offer job skill training, application assistance, GED services, computer literacy, reading development, and Non Alcoholic and Alcoholics Anonymous.   

T.O.P.S. Restoration Transitional Housing Program is located in Dothan, Alabama and offers a new beginning for individuals who face some of the most critical times in their lives. Additional recovery services include drug treatment counseling, family counseling and support for those who have suffered from violence and/or abuse. At the T.O.P.S Transitional Housing program you will find a nurturing environment for you or your loved ones that is centered around TRANQUILITY, LOVE, and ACCEPTANCE.

 Our Restoration program provides a host of 

 services to insure the  successful transition of

 men, women and their children.


Benefits include:

  1. 24/7 Staff Supervision 

  2. Individual Counseling

  3. Educational and Vocational Assistance 

  4. Economical Development

  5. Permanent Housing Assistance  

  6. Group Support 

  7. Life Skills 

  8. Recreational Activities 

  9. Volunteer Opportunities




Our professional staff is ready to welcome you!

CONTACT US at (334)671-2882

Or write us at: 403 West Powell Street, Dothan, AL 36303