Voices of the Violated Reproductive Justice Project (VOV)

Voices of the Violated Reproductive Justice Project (VOV) is a movement led by women of color organizing throughout the south established to address injustice around women’s rights by providing advocacy and rapid response to women and girls. We engage in advocacy for women currently and formerly incarcerated and for women who suffer from the effects of poverty and homelessness. VOV organizes specifically around social justice issues that plague communities of color.

VOV is a project of The Ordinary People Society whose mission is to provide resources to women and girls who have been violated through life’s trauma.  Our program focuses on restoring the dignity and increasing the power of disenfranchised women by providing concrete alternatives to mass incarceration. With the passage of legislation in states across the nation that ban the rights of women, VOV aims to restore the dignity of all sisters by creating a networking space of acceptance, equality, respect, and love. Our goal is to reverse the negative outcomes of trauma by turning it into a change agent of power and strength.


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